help mé ^^

.^^.....èl salèm 3alaikom ....please help mé to be good in english

الخميس، 21 يوليو 2011

showing your feelings

èl - salamo 3alaikom ^^...
 paul alkman is an amirican scientist ...he wanted to know the answer to this qustion :do people show feelings the same way èverywhere in the world
elkman took photos of people in the usa
some people looked happy ..some people looked sad...some people looked angry...some people looked surprised...some people looked frightened

i believe ^^

 i thank you my mam because you thaught mé  how  i love my  allah

الأربعاء، 20 يوليو 2011


...when you are searching for the light ...and you see no hope in sight sure and have no doult .....allah allah
he is slose close to you  he is the one who knew that you the best .....

my purpose the not good in english ..!!no..!! but sooooo bad .....because of this .....i was made this blog like a plan to aide my so happy becouse my hope to allah is big 

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